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1. Which Hall of Fame Wrestler achieved the following individual honors; 4 All-Suburban East  3 All-State, 2 All New England  and was an All-American USA Wrestler in his 4 years are Warren High School?

2. Which Hall of Famer played on the Holy Cross 1952 NCAA National Championship Baseball team, and also played in the Milwaukee Braves farm system in 1951,1953 and 1954?

3. Which Hall of Famer was a member of the Warren High School Girls Championship Track teams from 1973 thru 1975, an MVP of the Rhode Island College Women's Softball team and has coached at the High School and College levels in Girls Softball, Basketball and Tennis and Boys Tennis?

4. Which Hall of Famer was All-State in both Wrestling and Soccer and was the youngest coach in Warren High School History at the age of 18?

5.  This Hall of Fame contributor was a player, business manager, manager, coach, founder, scorer, commissioner, referee and umpire in Warren for over 50 years.  His most heralded achievement was in managing the 1949 American Legion Baseball Team to State and Regional titles before losing in the national semi-finals?




 Trivia Questions

   1.  Can you name a Warren Hall of Famer who was a National Arm Wrestling Champion?    Gabe Accardi

   2.  Who is the Warren Hall of Famer who lost his right eye while playing college baseball and the next year played for the same team as their starting leftfielder?

Donat Brochu

   3.  Who is the multi-sport Warren Hall of Famer who was All-State in Football and through town folklore has been   "tabbed 'the leader of the Pie Caper'"?

Paul Harvey

  4.  Who was the Hall of Fame Girls' High School Volleyball coach who was named "Coach of Year" five times?

William "Bill" Pepin

  5.  Which Hall of Fame baseball star threw 4 no-hitters and 3 one-hitters between 1943 and 1945?

 Roger Higgins


 Trivia Questions

1.      Name the only Warren Hall of  Fame member to play in the NFL?

      Louis "Duke" Abbruzzi

2.      Name the only Warren Hall of Fame member to play Major League Baseball?

      Joe Morrissey

3.      Which Warren Cross-Country star never lost a race? !!

      Laurie Figureid (Ross)

4.      Which Warren Hall of Fame member was known as the “Queen of Baseball”?

      Lizzie Murphy


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