Applicant: _________________________________________________________________


Address:  __________________________________________________________________

                        (Number)         (Street)                                                (Town)


Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________________

                        (Month)           (Day)               (Year)


Home Telephone #_____________________________Other Phone #_____________________


Class Rank: ___________ GPA: ______________ Date of Graduation: ___________________                         

College(s) to which you have applied:





Have you been formally accepted at any of the above? _________________________________


What major or course of study will you pursue? ______________________________________


List extra curricular activities/organizations in which you have been involved during your high school years. Use additional space if necessary.


Activity/Organization                         Years of involvement              Positions held






List all volunteer service within your school and community.

Program                       Length of time involved                     Description of Activity





ESSAY: What life lessons did you learn while participating in high school sports? (250 words)


Please return application with essay, high school transcript and a letter of recommendation from your coach by  March 2, 2018.

Mail to: Brian MacDougall, Mt. Hope High School Guidance Office

              199 Chestnut Street, Bristol, RI 02809