.                   Journal Bulletin Honor Roll Warren Nominees

In 1927 the Providence Journal-Bulletin instituted an award for the senior high school boy who had been determined to have demonstrated the best combination of athletic and academic achievement; the winner of this award was designated as the Honor Roll Boy. Until 1942, in addition to the winner, one or more boys were designated as Runner-Ups. (At the mid-century a three man committee began deliberating to make the selection; for many years thereafter the committee consisted of Journal-Bulletin schoolboy sports editor Dick Reynolds, Donat Maynard, Honor Roll Club president, and Warren High School principal Leo Boutin.)  In 1977, in recognition of the increasing importance of girls sports in the Rhode Island Interscholastic League, the newspaper began designating an Honor Roll Girl as well; this would have occurred anyway, but the fact that five schools, including Warren High, had nominated a girl for the 1976 award probably sped up the process.  And, finally in 1986 the Journal-Bulletin inaugurated a third award, the Dick Reynolds Award, that honors those students who work "behind the scenes" in such roles as manager, statistician, trainer, scorer and newspaper reporter.


Warren High School                            * Member of Warren Athletic Hall of Fame

1931   * Ulderic (Sheik) Dallaire

1934      Carlo DeRensis


1944     *Ed Polak and Larry Urban

1945     *Roger Higgins

1947      *Mendy Mendillo

1949     *Bill Servant

1951       Iggy Delekta

1954       Jim Mello

1958     *Pete Andreozzi

1959      John Urban

1960     Stephen Davis and Manny Menezes

1961    John McMahon

1962    Charlie Andrade

1963   *Donald Ramsden

1964   *Pete Babbitt


1966   *Bob Brochu

1967   *Angelo Marino

1968     James Bocchino

1969     Mike McCarthy

1970   *Mike Delekta

1971     Frank Alfano

1972   *Mike Merolla

1973     Nick Ferrara

1974     Jim Merolla

1975    *Jim Tavares

1976   *Pat O'Blenis

1977     Mathew Brown and Ann Bullock

1978   *Joe Penkala and *Bridgette King

1981     John McGovern and *Cheryl Silva

1982   *Bruce Hutchison and Suzanne Pearson

1983     John Felag and Julie Ann Abbruzzi

1984     Pat Jackson and Donna Harper

1985   *Glenn Conway and Karyn Berouty

1986     Neil Swift and Tracy Howe

1987     Mike Zmuda and Stephanie Chrupcala

1988    Erin Read

1989    James Medeiros

1990  *Paul Boulanger and *Jen Hicks

1991    Matt Andreozzi and Stacia Medina

1992  *Justin Hackley and Joy Jackson

1993    Richard Belford and *Carrie Hicks


Mount Hope High School (Warren residents)


1994    Renee Norton

1997    Michael Marolla

1999 *Jason Proulx and *Bethany Sardinha

2000   *Thomas Principe

2003    Zakaree Harris and Cassie O'Blenis

2005    John Cruz

2006   *Matt Urban

2011    Emily Cambrola

2013    Ben Francis  ( Dick Reynolds Award )

2014    Nicholas Murgo