FRANK SIEMBAB  (Athlete, Class of 2017)



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For anyone who grew up in Warren, chances are you met Frank Siembab. Maybe not in person but, if you traveled along Market St. heading in or out of town, Frank probably waved to you and maybe you waved back. Frankie grew up on Market St. Although he loved sports he never got a chance to compete at Warren High School. When the Special Olympics came along, it gave Frank a field of competition where he could test his athletic abilities. It wasn’t long before Frank started to amass a prodigious amount of hardware.




He was fittingly named McDonald’s 1998 Inspirational Athlete of the Year. In that same year, his home town of Warren RI awarded him it’s Unsung Hero Award. He was named Rhode Island Athlete of the year in 2001.











In 2006 he won a Gold Medal in the 25 meter backstroke at the National Games. In 2009, he won gold again in the 100 meter dash at the State Tournament. He was a member of the 2011 State Tournament Champion Unified Softball Team. 


Over the course of Frank’s career, he has been awarded approximately 100 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals- an enviable amount of hardware for any athlete competing at any level of competition.



Picture from Hall of Fame archives